The Sierra Renovations Construction Process

There are three parts when it comes to the construction process for Sierra Renovations. They are: pre-construction, construction, and post-construction.

Each phase has subcategories of the work that goes into the project.


To begin with, pre-construction phase for Sierra Renovations which includes on-site inspections, a preliminary estimate, approvals, revisions, and contract signing. After we conduct on-site inspections with the necessary measurements and photos, we prepare the estimates. With each estimates, they go through multiple revisions and we keep our customers aware of all changes. Remember each home repair is different, some customers go through insurance claims, while other customers prefer self pay. Before Sierra Renovations starts any work, we secure all approvals from your insurance for the work that needs to be done.


The second step for Sierra Renovations is the construction phase, which includes a down payment, material selections, any upgrades/change orders, and scheduling of work and payments. Upon signing the construction contract, we arrange for you to meet with our vendors to select materials for the project. We document any changes that alter the scope of work such as paint color, scope, material changes, etc. Throughout the construction project, we will perform inspection of our progress and schedule payments accordingly with the customer.


The last step for the Sierra Renovations process is the post-construction phase, which includes a final walkthrough, signing of the certificate of completion, and final payment. Our supervisor will inspect the work to their satisfaction, following with an inspection with the customer to confirm the quality of work we have provided is with the approved scope of work. Following the final walkthrough, a “certificate of completion” will be ready for your signature. To close the construction project, we will ask for the last payment at the end of the final walkthrough.

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